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About Eclat Mineral

We are a french company, located in Lorraine between the cities of Metz and Thionville.

We have carefully selected 100% purest mineral makeup  good for your skin as well as the environment. Our brand priority is to offer a healthy makeup with a range that can satify every skin type and complexion with a "sur mesure" makeup solution.

Éclat Minéral ™and environment

We are deeply concerned about environmental respect and we take eco friendly measures through all our processes.

  • We do not use unnecessary/extra packaging for our products. Less is more !

  • All our office supplies and paper are recycled or recyclable.
  • Orders are send as often as possible in recyclable envelopes. Our products are packed in flat jars, which lets us do so. Using envelopes instead of boxes not only saves materials, it also saves much energy because it is  light and saves room in  postal vehicles.
  • When we do need to send orders in a postal package, it is 100% recyclable ! : the box, the paper tape (solvent free) and the packing peanuts.

  • Our cleaning products are biological.

  • We sort out our waste.

  • All our jars can be cleaned and reused as much as you need.

  • We use the back of our paper, to preserve trees. For exemple, you will see the legal informations of your products, on the back of your invoice ! Waste of paper is forbiden in our offices !

Éclat minéral ™  will always be searching for new eco friendly solutions, planet is our future ! You can suggest us any idea to increase our environmental care.


Éclat Minéral ™ price policy :

You have probably notice that , Éclat Minéral tm 's prices are particularly low. We are about 20% less expensive than similar french brands sold on the Net and our prices can be up to 5 times less expensive thant similar quality products sold in perfumaries !

In order to propose  this range of prices, our entire project was built on our first objective which is to supply the best quality product,  at the better price.

Here are some exemples of what we did to reach our goal :

  • Our products are exclusivly sold by e-business. No expensive site or furniture needed, and direct sale from the provider to the consumer !

  • No expensive commercials. We only use free and natural referencement on search engines, and free suports such as blogs or happy consumers.

  • No extra packaging, legal informations that do not fit on our jars are reported on our invoice verso.

  • We are regardless on prices of our mineral powder (only quality counts at that point !), but we work very hard to reduce all other supplies' prices.

  • We only use plain packages and supplies, and do not abuse of colors. You will receive your products neatly packed, in the simplest way.

With Éclat Minéral tm your spending goes in the quality of your products, nowhere else  !

Éclat Minéral ™ and fashion

We love fashion and follow it up through  seasons. We love to create new colors that matches french podiums' trends.


Eclat MinéralTMquality control

Our products are subject to french tough laws , a guaranty for you to use 100% safe product

-Our site and working processes, follow the norm EN ISO 22716.
-Our site is declared to  :"l''Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé."(french agency of sanitary safety for health products)
-Our products are analyzed and validated by our qualified scientist, Doctor Luc Peeters.
-Our products formula are send to the french " Centre de traitement des intoxications."
-Each Eclat MinéralTM finished products owns a lot number for a perfect traceability.

-Each products shows all legal informations : our postal adress, origine, ingredients list, content and lot number.

-Our site has been declared to the CNIL on august 17th, 2009.

Eclat Minéral thanks you for your interest !

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