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-Mineral blush feed
4th step : Last but not least, a personal touch of color !
blush multifonctions minéral

Bring your personal touch to your face makeup by choosing a blush that will  match your outfit, the weather, or just your mood ! Whatever you choose, it will give you that fresh and healthy finish, for an all day happy face ! You can apply them very easily with finger or with your Kabuki. You can also add pinch to lip gloss and on lids  for a fast  ready-to-go makeup. Also works great with nailpolish, for a soft natural nail shade.

Want to know more ? Application / Ingredient list

A very natural matt beige, perfect for a nude look makeup. Brings just the touch of color to add some slight and natural depth. Works also great as a shadow primer ...

4 stars 
Price: €8.00

Vitamin C for your cheeks ! This fresh nude shade is the perfect mix between a soft rose and a spicy orange...

4 stars 
Price: €8.00

This is the darker version of our Nude mineral blush. Terre Précieuse is a very soft matt brown, with soft rosy undertones. Perfect for a nude look makeup on medium to dark skins. It brings just that litle of color...

5 stars 
Price: €8.00

Light shimmer pink for a fresh girly face !...

4 stars 
Price: €8.00

A fabulous deep mauve red "lie de vin", which looks perfect on cool complexions (rosy or neutral undertones). It is also our best blush for black skins...

4 stars 
Price: €8.00

Our most "glamour" shade, Mille Feux is a beautiful shimmering coral red pigment. Great for automn and winter light. Hot shade for cheeks, it is also our best lip pigment. ! Use some with your lip balm   for glamour colored lips ...

4 stars 
Price: €8.00

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